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hi im kate

(a pun-loving, tea-obsessed, super-nerd).

Are you an ambitious online entrepreneur or boss blogger looking to take her business (& bank account) to the next level?

"Kate is a masterful woman who knows her stuff, she teaches easy to implement strategies that drive true profits. From Kate's suggestions, we've driven tens of thousands of dollars of profits using simple, easy to implement tweaks, all thanks to Kate!"

Jenna Kutcher, www.jennakutcher.com

Ready to launch your own awesome online business? Got a killer course idea (but not sure where to start)? Want to connect with a whole bunch of amazing bosses + bloggers and chat plugins and hashtags all day? Whatever you need, and whatever stage your biz is at, I have just the thing to help!

Starting (or re-starting) your biz?

Welcome to the Interwebs (make your self at home!). Now let's make sure you skip all the hard stuff and get to the good bits fast!!

Time to find the profit in your passion?

Firstly congrats (that it so exciting!), secondly you are definitely in the right place (this is what my super power is!!).

Looking for your business BFFs?

One of the best parts of being an entrepreneur is hanging with other entrepreneurs... now let me introduce you to some of the raddest ones around!


"After blogging forever, to finally have a reliable way of making money doing something I love is life-changing. And I would never have done it without Kate and her advice"

Carly Jacobs,  Crochet Coach & Smaggle.com

  • That even though leggings are definitely NOT pants... pants are highly overrated items of clothing anyway!

  • That life is way too short to spend most of it doing a job that doesn't have you jumping out of bed (most) mornings...

  • That dogs are the best people... fact!

  • That a blog on it's own is not a business... and that banner ads and sponsored posts are the worst and least reliable ways to turn it into one (sorry!)

  • That after five or more wines that yes, I am the best dancer on the dance floor (actually this isn't a belief, it's a fact!!)

  • That all you need to be truly successful is something you're truly passionate about, a whole lot of hustle, and an awesome teacher (hint, hint...)

  • That emojis are the best and purest form of communication there is 😉

  • That you don't need a big list, lots of traffic, or even to be the smartest person in the room to be able to create a profitable business from your passions and experience (you just have to know the right way to do it!)

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