(a pun-loving, peanut butter-obsessed super-nerd).

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"I'd been blogging for 4 years, but after joining the Blog Squad my traffic soared. First to 12K a month, then 38K, then 44k! Thank you so much Kate!"

Amanda Lynn, www.scottiemom.com

  • That peanut butter makes everything taste better!

  • That even though leggings are definitely NOT pants... pants are highly overrated items of clothing anyway!

  • That life is way too short to spend most of it doing a job that doesn't have you jumping out of bed (most) mornings...

  • That dogs are the best people... fact!

  • That a blog on it's own is not a business... and that banner ads and sponsored posts are the worst and least reliable ways to turn it into one (sorry!)

  • That Taylor Swift is my spirit animal, and that desk dancing to MMMBop is the best antidote for a crappy day

  • That after five or more wines that yes, I am the best dancer on the dance floor (actually this isn't a belief, it's a fact!!)

  • That all you need to create a truly successful blog is something you're truly passionate about, a whole lot of hustle, and an awesome teacher (hint, hint...)

  • That there is nothing sexier than a man who can talk nerdy to me (while holding a peanut butter milkshake... obviously!!)

  • That emojis are the best and purest form of communication there is 😉


"I'm a bit of a serial course taker and I'm honestly saying you are miles ahead of the other courses I have done/am doing. I'm not taking anything away from others as I know a lot of work goes into putting on a course, but yours is different as it is so easily explained and covers a lot x"

Joe,  mumspantry.com.au

Looking for inspiration? Ready to finally take your blog seriously (and get some serious results), but not sure where to start? Want to connect with a whole bunch of awesome bloggers and chat plugins and hashtags all day? Whatever you need, and whatever stage your blogging is at, I have just the thing to help!

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Firstly congrats (that it so exciting!), secondly you are definitely in the right place (this is what my super power is!!).

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"After blogging for 3 years, this course was the kick in the ass I needed.  Before SBB I was just about covering costs but now I'm actually making a profit."

Niamh, Love Niamh (www.loveniamh.com)

people say the nicest things...

  • “The price is fantastic, the content rocks and Kate is very pro-active and forever wanting to help us with more and more ideas so thank you for allowing us into your world of secrets."

    Belinda Out of Office Solutions
  • “I've had SO many ah-ha moments and it's really helped me put the pieces of the blogging puzzle together…  it's like having a blogging guru at your fingertips."

    Leonie The Style Insider (www.thestyleinsider.co.nz)
  • The most invaluable part of the course was the insider knowledge from Kate who has 'been there and done that' to break down each part of the process into step-by step chunks. Kate is super approachable and being able to ask questions and having her support along the way made the whole process enjoyable!

    Rachel Gadiel
    Rachel Gadiel Dream Create Do
  • A game-changing course filled with information, support and guidance that is top notch on all levels.

    Jaclyn Carlson
    Jaclyn Carlson www.blogsociety.com