Like a Boss: How Naomi made $250 her first day blogging

how to make money blogging

Find out how make money blogging with Naomi from The Suburban Wedgie.

It’s our favourite time of the month where we get to introduce our blogger of the month! We love to hear what our blogger babes have been up to on their blogs and who doesn’t love a success story?!

This lovely lady has only recently started her blog and managed to make $250 on her very first day. Since then she’s been making great progress by growing her traffic and gaining followers and affiliates.

But, that’s not all, Naomi is always happy to help out her fellow bloggers’, link them to relevant content or offer advice.

Now, let’s jump in and see how Naomi managed to make money blogging on her first day!

Tell us about your blog:

The Suburban Wedgie is my own lifestyle and social commentary blog. As its name suggests – it can be a little bit cheeky. It’s an entertaining platform for me to share my true authentic voice with followers. I hope that by reading it they can get to know me and what makes me tick. I blog on everything from body image issues, to previous relationships, school days, mental health challenges, travel tips, my everyday life and beyond. My site also contains a portfolio of my works, previously published from niche Australian media outlets to mainstreams in the United States including a few pieces from The Huffington Post.

What’s your story – what or who inspired you to become a blogger?

My writing journey commenced back in mmake money bloggingy Monash University days when I became heavily involved in the student newspaper, Lot’s Wife. I was elected as an Editor in 2007 and found a love of publishing. I went on to work as a freelance writer and was published by The Mighty, YourTango, Every Australian Counts, Virgin, New Matilda, Independent Australia and Cathay Pacific’s travel blog.

Last year, I spent six months as a contracted editor for ‘The Good Men Project’. While writing for other publications I often wondered where my own unique voice would be best placed (as the publications I worked for were so diverse). So I decided to focus my energies on my own site and voila The Suburban Wedgie was born.

Do you remember having a sort of ‘oh damn, I really can do this’ moment?  What was it??

When I was published by major mastheads and had several pieces go viral it gave me the confidence to know that my own voice was not only enlightening and entertaining but one that people wanted to hear and cared about. It gave me the confidence to say things on my own platform and back myself by creating my own blog.

What is the best blogging advice you have ever received?

Back yourself and your own words and decision making. Know your worth, by never selling yourself short. These words have stood me in good stead whenever I have felt indecisive or unsure about a way to proceed with a direction for my blog and writing. I often write from the heart and that’s a valuable asset in a blog because it comes across as authentic and genuine.

make money blogging


What do you find to be your biggest challenge, and what’s something that has really worked for you?

My biggest challenge with my blog to date has been a lack of expert guidance. I have often wondered the best person to seek advice from in a variety of situations.

This is the primary reason I joined Kate McKibbin’s Blog Squad and I have been amazed at what can be achieved when you have the support and backing of an esteemed group. Blog Squad helped ensure my launch was successful and seamless and now it’s moving from strength to strength.

make money bloggingWhat is the thing you are most proud of about your blog or something amazing that has happened because of blogging?

Since starting my blog, I have been able to network and meet the most incredible group of creative people. This has enriched my own work and provided me with a support network. It’s also given me a group to bounce ideas off and vice versa.

Any tips for other bloggers who want to achieve something similar?

Keep your eyes on the prize. Kate McKibbin has taught me the importance of goal setting for short term and longer term achievements. Also, you will never regret time or money spent on personal development. You honestly never know who you’ll get to meet!

How did you manage to make money blogging on your first day?

I had a freelance piece published and commissioned that I wrote for my blog and was paid for it. I also made $50 on advertising revenue. I have subsequently picked up extra blogging and freelance projects including editing and social media management.

If you could blog from anywhere in the world, where would it be?

I adore Australia and the creature comforts of home so while being nomadic and travelling for three months of the year as an ideal, I would always end up at home. That said, I wouldn’t say no to a sea change from sometimes hectic Melbourne life to the more laid back Sunshine Coast. In particular, I fancy the idea of having an office in an apartment overlooking the water in Mooloolaba. That place is heavenly!

What was it that made you decide to join the Blog Squad / Boss Squad community?

I wanted a support squad and people I could bounce ideas from and gain access to amazing insights of industry leaders and professionals who have been there. I knew joining Kate McKibbin’s Blog Squad could make all that happen.

What has been your biggest accomplishment since joining the Blog Squad / Boss Squad community?

Having a successful launch, gaining advertisers and followers and winning blogger of the month have all been great achievements since joining Blog Squad. Also, I had literally thousands of unique viewers within my first two weeks online which was pretty amazing.


How would you describe the Blog Squad / Boss Squad community to a friend?

It’s the most amazing investment in yourself and your blog and future hopes and dreams you’ll ever make.

Moving forward, what’s next for you and your blog?

The Suburban Wedgie would love to build a greater international following to set us down the path of global domination. No… actually, we have a lot of exciting things planned but you’ll have to stay tuned to find out. Watch The Suburban Wedgie’s space!


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Create your own blogging + business scorecard for more traffic + profits this week


You know how some weeks everything seems to be running smoothly.

Your traffic is flowing, so are the sales, your inbox is under control and you seriously start to think that you have “finally” figured this whole blogging and business caper out (self high fives all round).

Then two weeks later everything is a mess, your blog posts doesn’t go out, neither does your newsletter, you’re hiding from your todo list, comments are going unanswered and your Paypal account is looking lower than an ants nether regions.

Those are the weeks that you start to wonder if all the effort is worth it, if you’re really going to be able to do this thing, and maybe if you’d be better going back to get a “real job” like your Aunt suggested after all.

Entrepreneur Advice | Blogging Tips | Earn Money Blogging | Online Business | Online Marketing

Well hold the phone lovely.

Before you completely abandon ship, I want you to re-read those two scenarios again.

Case #1 – You post, you send your emails, your inbox is sorted, you engage with your community = more traffic, and more sales.

Case #2 – You don’t post, you don’t email, you haven’t responded to anyone = less traffic and less sales.

Hmmm… is there a connection here?

Could all those people (myself included) who bang on almost constantly about how you have to be creating and sharing consistent quality content really be on to something?

Could they?

Well this is something I have been thinking a lot about recently, after what was meant to be a short spate of insane business turned into almost 6-months of working harder than I ever have in my life (and my content creation sort of fell by the wayside because it just didn’t seem as important as the 5,639 other things I HAD to do that day).

I noticed that there was a direct link between sales and traffic, and whether or not I had done those more basic “maintenance” things that I always put off to last (aka creating content and newsletters).

If I did what I was “supposed to do”, everything was peachy. If I let it slide, well, disaster!

So (as I like to do), I decided to try and make this little experiment into something a bit more fun, and I created for myself a “business score card”, which I had to fill out each week.

In it I put all the must-do things I needed to do each week,  then added up my score of how many I did do (+1 point) and how many I didn’t (-1) and compared my higher scoring weeks with my more successful ones, and guess what. They matched (almost exactly).

And because all of a sudden I could see this direct correlation between:

A- the work I put off to last getting done,
and B – the amount of cashola sitting in my bank account, well suddenly I was a little more motivated to actually get those less crucial things done.

Entrepreneur Advice | Blogging Tips | Earn Money Blogging | Online Business | Online MarketingWant to try it?

I’ve created a blank business score card template for you all to download, customise and complete.

But before you do just a few ground rules & thoughts around what can go in it.

Firstly, I am a big believer that yes consistency is king, but reality is Queen. And by that I mean your content schedule has to actually be something you can realistically stick to (while still allowing you the time to do the bigger things you need to do to grow your blog). So if weekly isn’t going to work, try fortnightly thats cool (maybe make your scorecard fortnightly also?). You have to make it work for you.

>Need help taming the content beast? Click here (I can help!)

Secondly, I don’t want this to be yet another list that is overwhelming you into inaction. So I only want you to put a maximum of 10 things on this sheet, less is even better.
And you might end up changing what 10 things you include as you go along if you notice something is or isn’t actually crucial to your blogs results.

Need an example?

Well on mine I have:

  1. Blog post published
  2. FB live done
  3. Instagram scheduled + published
  4. Newsletter sent
  5. Next week’s content planned, prepared + scheduled.
  6. Emails in inbox cleared
  7. Sales tracked.
  8. Facebook group hang time x 2 (aka I respond to comments in my free Facebook group)

If I do all these things on my blog, I know that week (and probably the one after), things are going to be super cruisey.

If I don’t? Well then the numbers start to drop. And if I don’t a few weeks in a row, well yeah, nothing good comes from that!

Want to try it?

Could one simple piece of paper make your blog + biz more successful? @secretbloggersbusinessClick To Tweet

Download the score card below and give it a go, and make sure you pop back and let me know if what you discover!


Got your own blogging must-do or steps that help you grow your blog each and every week? Share below!