3 easy ways to build momentum on your blog (part 2)

Hi there lovelies.

Last week I started sharing with you some of the tips and tools I turn to, when I find myself in a blogging rut. Or in other words, how to get your blogging momentum back.

And today I want to share a few more (if you missed last week's though be sure to click back on over to check them out!)

You might need to pop on your super nerdy blogging hat though for this one... or your not-ironic Coke-bottle glasses (but come on admit it, we're all a bit nerdy deep down, that's why we spend so much time "on the line"). Because today it's all about looking at your stats and analytics.

Yes, spreadsheets and graphs can be sexy... or at the very least they can be very (VERY) useful, especially if you are sitting on a blog plateau and are looking for the fastest way off it.

And by off it I mean stepping up onto the next level of course, not flinging yourself over the edge out of frustration.

So hit play and listen in, and if you have any other awesome tips for how to re-start your blogging engine please pop them in the comments below! 

Pinners are grinners...


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