The SBB Affiliate Program is currently being updated, so we are not currently accepting new applicants.

Hey guys,

The SBB Affiliate Program Is Currently Being Updated!


After a nightmare run of affiliate systems that just "didn't quite work" we are currently testing & tweaking and trying to find the perfect (and problem free system!!) for SBB.

But don't worry, we will have it up and running ready for our next LIVE course launch (and we will email you all the details when we do).

How does this effect current affiliates?

Not at all right now. As we are currently not running any LIVE launches (so there is nothing available to earn commissions on right now anyway).

Once we do have our new system in place, we will email everyone with all the new details (in plenty of time for the new launch).

Thank you so much for your patience & cross your fingers & toes that this new system is as amazing as we hope it is!

See you soon!

Kate xo



*Terms and conditions apply, please read full details below. 

already a sbb affiliate?

Want to be a sbb affiliate?

The fine print...

For all our eligible SBB Courses* we offer a 30% commission for all sales.

*Due to technical limitations, in the instance of a transaction with recurring payments only the first payment is able to earn commission. 

Currently affiliate commission are available to course students for the following (these are subject to change)

- Bloggers MBA (LIVE) - Commission is available on both full priced and early bird price points, during launch periods.


- Blog 2 Boss - Commission is available on both full priced and early bird price points, during launch periods.

Commissions are NOT available on the following:

- Bloggers MBA (Bundles and special offers) - Occasionally we run a special, highly discounted Bloggers MBA bundle, due to the highly discounted nature of these offers, commission is  not available on these bundles unless otherwise stated.

- Ready, Set, Blog & SYBWAB - Due to the recurring nature of these payments (and the limitations of affiliate software), commissions are not available on these sales).

During a "launch" event (aka when we run the MBA LIVE twice yearly) all affiliate payments are processed 21 Days after "the first day of class" for each launch, to allow any refunds (they are rare but they do happen), and also to allow the required admin time.

Please note commissions and payment amounts are not finalised until the payment date, this is to allow for any refunds or Paypal errors (which do happen).

All you have to do is sign up to be a SBB Affiliate via the link below, and once you have signed up you will be given your own special link (as well as some other things like banners, pics etc.. ).

Now you can use that link however you like, but whenever someone clicks on that link, and then buys one of the eligible products or courses from us, then you earn commission on that sale depending on ... woo!

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