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Want to know how you can get better at being your own boss? A lot of bloggers make the mistake of not thinking of themselves as being the boss of their business. This is because they may not even fully be thinking of their blog as a business yet. It’s true there are a lot of […]

Are you getting ready to create some kick-ass blog sales funnels?  Your sales funnels, marketing sales funnel or whatever you may call them will be incredibly crucial to growing your business. These beautiful things will be the driving factor behind you acquiring new readers, new customers and ultimately a steady stream of repeat business from your […]

5 irresistible content upgrade ideas and how to use them to grow your email list You may be asking yourself, ‘what is a content upgrade or email opt in and how will it benefit my blog/business?’ Or perhaps you may already know all about opt in freebies a.k.a. content upgrades, opt in bribes, lead magnets etc, and now […]

Let’s talk about keeping your older email opt in freebie offers fresher than the Fresh Prince of Belair. Are you a serial overachiever when it comes to creating your opt in freebies? By that I mean, do you get so excited about giving your readers value that you have created so much opt in goodness for them […]

Find out how to to increase your blog traffic from the woman who tripled, even quadrupled hers! Here at Secret Blogger’s Business we love nothing more than singing the praises of our amazing bloggers. After all, your success means we’re doing something right! So what could be better than sitting down (virtually of course) for an interview […]

How can you make a good Facebook Live into a totally epic one? Well first, let’s just start by acknowledging the elephant in the [virtual] room. Facebook Live can be scary shit. I bet you even the most successful entrepreneurs with hundreds of thousands of followers will still tell you that they get a few butterflies in […]

Rani from You Totally Got This decided to start a blog less than 2 years ago within the healthy food space which is easily one of the most saturated markets on the internet. What is Rani’s point of difference? She focuses on easy, mid-week meals. That’s it. Genius. Sometimes simplicity is the answer as Rani has […]

How can you reuse your old content to create a killer Pinterest strategy? First of all, Pinterest is definitely the cool new kid on the playground. Like the kid that may have been hanging around your neighbourhood and you’ve seen them before. But now they’re at your school and they’re insanely good at basketball so […]

How to get your email subscribers opening your emails, excited to read your content every single time?  If you are a fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise (or at least know about it) then you know that the best and most entertaining dates are the ones where the girl or guy who is being taken on the […]

How to monetise your blog  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was one simple answer to this? I wish there was a ‘this is exactly what steps you need to take to be guaranteed to make lots and lots of cash from your blog’ sort of formula. However, the reality of it is a bit more complex. I […]







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