Reader Q&A Replay – What is the best way to monetise your blog?

How to monetise your blog 

monetise your blogWouldn’t it be wonderful if there was one simple answer to this?

I wish there was a ‘this is exactly what steps you need to take to be guaranteed to make lots and lots of cash from your blog’ sort of formula. However, the reality of it is a bit more complex. I have been getting lots of questions from people within our Facebook group about the best way to monetise their blogs.

So, I thought I would go into greater detail by answering this tricky subject in my live Thursday Q&A session.

Thinking ‘outside the box’ has almost become the standard (especially with creatives). Because of this, sometimes thinking inside the box may be the better strategy. Everyone wants to do something that has never been done before due to a lack of competition. However, with a lack of competition you may also find a lack of demand. Instead of this, why not try a unique angle on something that there is already a certainty of demand for?

Watch the replay above to find out more on this and what steps you can take today to start making money from your blog tomorrow!

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