Blog Tip Tuesday: Why Instagram Is Like A Nightclub

Happy Blog Tip Tuesday lovely tip

I am still coming down off the recent Problogger event high (seriously, how good is it catching up with all your blogging besties in one place, and making a whole bunch of new ones too?!). Β And also from meeting and re-meeting so many of you lovely SBBers.

Is it just me, or do we need to do stuff like that more often?

Anyway, aside from all the awesome socialising, I also took away a few awesome nuggets of info that made me have many of my own light-bulb moments (even after nearly 8 years).

And I wanted to share one of them with you guys today.

And it comes via the super gorgeous and crazy successful Jadah Sellner from Simple Green Smoothies, and Jadah says that if you want to use Social Media to grow your tribe you have to think of it as a Nightclub… watch the video above to see why!


Were you at Problogger 2015? Did you have any ah-has of your own? Share them below!


24 Replies to “Blog Tip Tuesday: Why Instagram Is Like A Nightclub”

    1. Now the tricky part, if you don’t do recipes of something that straight forward, how do you give that great value in your Social media too… that’s what we are brain storming now x

  1. Nice one! Wasn’t at problogger but hear there was gold dripping from the ceiling and everyone walks away feeling totally juiced up. Great tip. And enjoyed the video format.

  2. Thanks for using an awesome way of explaining how to use social media to help grow your list and followers Kate. I can see how that would be more engaging for your fans. I wasn’t at the Problogger event but sounds like you all had some great aha’s and great meet ups and want to go next time. Now to working on those posts.
    Looking forward to hearing how the new post are going for everyone.
    Thanks again

  3. OOOh! great tip, thank you!! What a simple and refreshing idea to appeal to new followers… I know I get annoyed sometimes if I have to click a link or leave the page i’m on {super lazy, I know} but this idea could be the fix! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Kate, we LOVED both of Jadah’s presentations too! Would have been great to meet you at PB but it was so crazy busy I didn’t even know you were there! So many great speakers this year, I’m working my way through my 4 pages of ‘to dos’ now, ha ha πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks Kate, I love it. I had previously tried with for a client on LinkedIn. But never actually thought to use it for my own clients and all my platforms. x

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