Proven blog offer strategy that will get you ahead of the competition!

"How can I use another blogger's tried and tested strategy to create my own perfect blog offer?"Blog offer strategy that will get ahead of the competition

This is exactly what I want you to think the next time you come across a site of a successful blogger with an offer that's freakishly similar to yours. Instead of feeling down about it - think of how you can use it to your advantage.

Let me ask you - do you ever suffer from a serious case of blogus comparititus - a [made-up term for the] never ending cycle of comparing oneself to a super successful blogger?

I think we all do. However, this doesn't actually have to be a bad thing.

Today's video is all about changing perspectives and thinking a little bit inside the box.

That's right I said inside the box.

Every blogger's mind is creative in different ways, but creative nonetheless. It is always trying to think of ways to create better content, attract new readers, put together a new blog offer, or a kick-ass social media strategy. This state of restlessness is, of course, how a lot of bloggers achieve their success.

For many bloggers, however, the creative wheels continuously turning in their brains like this can often be a very dangerous thing.

The reason for this is simple - if your blog offer is something truly unique but simultaneously is something that has never been done before, how could you possibly know if it will work?

The short answer is - you can't.

This can be risky business, but what's often even worse is the feeling you get when you come up with an epic new idea only to realise through Google that it's already been done.

How to use a successful blogger's ideas to create better content

It can be intimidating seeing a big shot successful blogger offering something similar to what you thought was your own unique idea. Suddenly, a serious case of blogus comperititus kicks in.

However, the blogging world is certainly big enough for both of you to offer similar things. What's even better is that you can use a competitor's blog offer to create better content on your own blog! Once you find your own unique twist on it, you're good to go.

To find out exactly how to go about this - watch the video above or read the transcript below!

Happy blogging x

How to use a successful blogger's ideas to create better content

Hey guys,

it's Kate here from Secret Bloggers Business, and welcome to another reader Q & A Thursday!

Today I wanted to jump in and chat through a topic that I've actually been asked a few times, more, it seems to be like a spade of them at the moment.

It's something that I know a lot of bloggers struggle with, and it can be one of those things that you're heading down the right path, and it sends you off track cause this thing comes up and you're like, "Oh, crap. I was going to do that, and now someone else has done it, and they're probably a more successful blogger than me so there's is going to be better, so I can't do it anymore."

The thing is, that is not true.

If you've got an idea, and you think it's a brilliant idea for your blog, for your readership, for your audience, the fact that someone else is going to come along and created a similar blog offer for their audience, is actually not something to be scared of, and it's not something that should ever put you off.

The thing is, the fact that someone else is doing it, is actually a good thing. This is because creating a totally unique thing is not the best way to go, and I normally advise people against it.

When something is totally unique, and has never been offered before, it means it's really untested.

This means that you're going to be the guinea pig who puts in the work, and puts in the effort, and the time and the money to find out if anyone even wants this thing.

It's actually better if you're thinking about creating some kind of blog offer, product, service, event, whatever it is, that there are others out there that are doing well because it shows you that people want it. That there is a market for it!

The thing is, all you need to know to do is take it, put your twist on it, so that it's therefore works better for your people. You go, "All right, this is something that I know this is a need for this. There is a want for this," so that's awesome, big tick.

Now, you can look at it and go, "Okay," well you can actually use those existing products as research. Have a look at their product and say, "Okay, well what's missing? What's not speaking to me about the way they've done this?"

How to use a successful blogger's ideas to create better content

There will be something. No one's blog offer is perfect for everybody. That's the beauty of this.

If you see someone else come out with something similar to you, I'd be jumping up and down going, "This is brilliant," because you can use them as extra research to make your own product even better.

You can look at how they're wording things and say, "Does that speak to me, is that going to speak to my people?" You can look at how they're presenting it, how they're promoting it. You can even kind of look at how they're pricing it, and using it as a good sort of case study that you can help to make your own product better.

The thing is, it probably wasn't a super unique idea even before this other one came out.

It's not possible to see everybody's blog. It's not possible to see every business, every blog offer, every service. You have your own little pool of blogs and places that you visit regularly, and they're the ones that you know about. It probably feels like that's all of them to you.

blog offer stratergy
But so do your readers. They have their own little pool, and their pool and your pool may have some crossover, but it won't be 100%. Even if there was another person out there promoting a product, which would be just brilliant for your readers, they might not have even heard of it, because they follow you. They don't necessarily follow them. Keep that in mind.

Let's be honest, there are millions and millions of blogs out there. Millions and millions of businesses. Being unique these days is pretty much impossible. All you need to do is just make sure your blog offer is valuable. Make sure you know who you are, what your point of view is, who your readers are, what their pain points are, what they need help with, how you can help them. If you are looking to create better content that sort of ticks all of those boxes, then who cares if there's 50 other identical posts, or 50 other identical services?

The thing is, your blog offer is going to speak to your people. The fact that there are other ones out there that are successful, is actually an extra gold star so you know that when you create yours, that it has the best chance possible of being successful too.

People have already tested it for you, people have already tested the market, it's proven. Most big business coaches out there will say, "Go for a proven business model, particularly if you're just getting started." If you want to do something unique and crazy, wait till you're really, really, you've got this business stuff locked down. Better yet, do it with other peoples money. Go get investors, don't do this stuff as your very first ever boot-strappy thing, cause it can be too risky.

Improve your content

If you have something that's proven, and you're just going to go out and make it better, and make it more tailored, and more customised, and more perfect for your audience, well that means that you're ahead from the start!

I hope this is helpful guys, for anyone who has, getting that sort of look-around-you-itis, and comparison-itis, and all those things, which really can just put up roadblocks, and stop us when we don't need to be stopped.

If anyone is watching this and wants a little bit more help with taking whatever their particular niche is, their blog that they're loving, their passion project, and turning it into a profitable blog, I am running some free workshops at the moment.

Check them out here. There's a few different times, it takes about an hour. You'll need a pen and paper because you'll be taking so many notes. I've had a few people email me afterwards saying that their hands cramped up, and can I send them in a replay cause they missed stuff, cause they couldn't write fast enough.

Lastly, if you think this video has been useful, I'd love it if you could give us a thumbs up, or a heart. Better yet, if you could share it with any other bloggers that you know. Perhaps someone you know who has been looking at ways to create better content on their blog. Obviously I want more people to hear this stuff, and bust through those blocks that could stop them from not going, and doing that thing which would have worked so well, just because they saw someone else doing it. This will mean that there's more bloggers out there who are creating beautiful, profitable blogs for themselves.

As I say, "A rising tide lifts all boats." That's what we want.

That's it for me guys. I hope you have an awesome Thursday, and I will see you guys back here very soon!