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At SBB we strongly believe in the value and quality of our programs, courses, and coaching, and we stand behind them with a 30-Day satisfaction guarantee. 

If however, for some reason you find that the Secret Bloggers Business courses do not provide you with valuable information and strategies to help you to grow your blog or online business, let us know within 30 days of purchase, complete and return the required assignments and you’ll receive a full refund. Guaranteed.


Please note, this guarantee is conditional.


This 100% guarantee is conditional based on your efforts to put the strategies into place.

If you ask for your money back, you will be required to provide all your completed exercises from at least the first module of the purchased course (plus the pre-work), and to demonstrate how you have applied the supplied advice and strategies to your blog, business or website.

The only exception to this is the Blog Squad community membership, as it does not have set modules, instead, you must supply: Your Pre-work, Success Checklist & complete the Squad Goals module.

And the Boss Squad coaching program, where you must have completed the pre-work, plus the Boss Squad goals workshop and attended in at least one office hours coaching session to be able to properly evaluate the program.

We will need to know that you completed the assignments and implemented the strategies with commitment, and on time.

If you demonstrate that you implemented our teachings into your business or blog and whole-heartedly made growing your business a priority yet did not achieve results, we will happily refund you.

Otherwise, the guarantee becomes null and void.


You can’t get results from something you don’t do. It’s as simple as that.

And in return, we believe that if you do implement the course work, and don’t get any results then we don’t deserve your money either, and will happily refund you (but you have to do the work!)


We believe that you get out of life what you put in and the more committed you are to succeeding, the more energy you will put in and the greater results you will see.

We will happily support you to ensure your success within this program.

This is not a quick fix though, you will be required to diligently apply all the strategies to grow your online business or blog.

The best thing is that most of our members grow their online business and blog much faster than they would have been able to on their own. And they usually recoup the investment within the first couple of months (or sooner!)









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