• “The price is fantastic, the content rocks and Kate is very pro-active and forever wanting to help us with more and more ideas so thank you for allowing us into your world of secrets."

    Belinda Out of Office Solutions
  • "Secret Bloggers Business has been an amazing way for me to begin my blogging journey. I literally started my blog in week one and I cannot believe how much I've achieved in the few short weeks thus far. Kate is down-to-earth, supportive and knows everything there is to know about creating a successful blog that not only creates revenue but also creates value for your readers. I cannot recommend the course highly enough to anyone that's wanted to start their own blog or take their existing blog to the next level!"

    Madeleine The Daily Mark (www.thedailymark.com.au)
  • The SBB course has equipped me with all of the blogging knowledge I need in order to move forward with my own website; Everything from how to drive traffic to my blog, ways I can begin making money with my blog now, and even how to create the perfect e-product! This course has not only inspired and motivated me, but it's also pointed me in the right direction for the future of my blog and publication. Thank you so much Kate - You're a wonderful mentor and teacher!

    Melanie Whim Magazine (www.whimmagazine.com)
  • SBB is a great business-focussed blog course, giving you the information in easy to understand subjects tailored to the business of blogging. I would recommend anyone wanting to start a blog to do this course. Thank you!

    Ellie Xavier & Me (www.xavierandme.com)
  • SSB has helped me focus on my audience and create products that thrill them. It's given me the confidence to implement a whole host of ideas I've been toying with but not been quite sure how to do. Whether you blog for fun or profit, SSB is a great investment.

    Elly The Ginstress (www.theginstress.com)
  • I've been reading blogs for several years but often wondered about the why, what for and how to. How did they pull it all together, make it profitable? SBB tells your exactly how it's done. It's great for beginners but also for those who want to move to the next level. Thanks Kate.

    Trina Surface Hug (www.surfacehug.blogspot.co.uk)
  • I have officially created my very first eCourse and it feels incredible to have taken something which was just a small seed of an idea in my soul, create it with all of my love, and put it out into the world! Every time I hear from one of my Beautiful Life Bootcamp enrollies on how much they are getting out of my eCourse, my spirit soars - I love helping and serving people and I'm so grateful for Blog To Boss (and the amazing Kate!) for showing me how it's done. The Blog to Boss course distilled the huge volume of information on running an eCourse into a simple, comprehensible and actionable format. The insider knowledge of what works best in terms of technology and marketing was super helpful - but the absolutely best part of the course was the incredibly supportive and uplifting Facebook community - they were the accountability partners (and sweet, soulful cheerleaders!) I needed to get my eCourse Beautiful Life Bootcamp out into the world. It's one of the best decisions I've made! It saved me weeks, probably months (maybe even years?!) of trial and error, head-banging and trying to reinvent the wheel. I had a burning desire to share my darling eCourse Beautiful Life Bootcamp with the world and teach and help so many souls with expanding their happiness, creating their dreams and blossoming into the best version of themselves - but I have to admit, I didn't have the same burning desire to learn all the complex techy stuff and spend years getting bogged down in things that didn't serve my audience. Blog To Boss made the incredible journey to the creation and completion of my eCourse so much faster and easier than if I had gone it alone - which meant I could focus on making the BEST possible, value-packed and professional product for my gorgeous Bootcamp enrollies. It's one of my proudest achievements to date and I can't wait to run it again and again!

    Elyse Gorman
    Elyse Gorman Notes On Bliss / Beautiful Life Bootcamp
  • Hands down one of the best investments I've ever made for my business. A game-changing course filled with information, support and guidance that is top notch on all levels. Kate's course gave me the skills, confidence and drive to create a product that is not only profitable but packed with value that I'm incredibly proud of. After the amazing success of my first course Digital Bravery (which was created during Blog to Boss), I'm now already on my second course, with plans for another later this year and already brainstorming other digital products. Kate killed it in this course! So grateful I made the investment which at first felt like a lot and now I pinch myself for not investing in myself sooner - it has changed the way I look at investing in my business, a small drop in the bucket compared to what you could possibly earn.

    Jaclyn Carlson
    Jaclyn Carlson Blog Society / Digital Bravery
  • This course absolutely changed the way I think about blogging and moreover it's made blogging more fun for me. I has definitely focused and centered my content, and in addition to helping me come up with AMAZING ideas for income generation (in my humble opinion), the course has also provided an awesome community of bloggers and entrepreneurs with whom I can bounce these ideas around. Kate makes building a viable online business that I love from a faraway fantasy to an achievable, do-able reality. And you don't have to be a super-advanced, techie geek to get there. Yes, it's hard work, but this course has made it so easy and fun.

    Clara www.blisslifestylecollection.com
  • Blog to Boss helped me save so much time in figuring out the nuts and bolts of the how to plan and launch my eBook. I had been putting off launching my first digital product for a while and B2B was a complete game changer in terms of helping me stay accountable, keep motivated and on track. But the most invaluable part of the course was the insider knowledge from Kate who has 'been there and done that' to break down each part of the process into step-by step chunks. Kate is super approachable and being able to ask questions and having her support along the way made the whole process enjoyable! I'm over the moon to have launched my first eBook Glow and will be able to easily transfer this knowledge into eProducts I create in the future - thank you Kate!

    Rachel Gadiel
    Rachel Gadiel www.rachelgadiel.com
  • “I've had SO many ah-ha moments and it's really helped me put the pieces of the blogging puzzle together…  it's like having a blogging guru at your fingertips."

    Leonie The Style Insider (www.thestyleinsider.co.nz)
  • "SBB literally has changed my blogging life and I'm so glad that I signed up. On a small level it has changed the way I write and taught me how to choose a direction for my blog and work towards it. My writing and blog material has changed so much for the better and I'm never going back. But on a big level, it has given me the ability to dream big and the tools to actually achieve those dreams. I have so many big ideas and plans that I've never had before that I can't wait to show my readers, because I finally have the tools and know how to put them in place. Kate and the gang are awesome at what they do, and I recommend this to everyone!"

    Angelique Eros Writes (www.eroswrites.com)
  • "SBB is the most amazing and eye-opening experience I have been a part of. Working in Public Relations, I thought I knew the ins and outs of blogging from both sides of the fence. This course not only showed that I didn't even know half of it! But more importantly how I can make my blog appeal to advertisers, to ultimately reach my goal of receiving full income from my blog. The Facebook group has been absolutely beneficial in this course and I have made so many connections from this group alone. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is a blogger!"

    Paige Blonderful (www.blonderful.com)
  • "The SBB Bootcamp has been fantastic value for money. I love how Kate uses real-life examples in each module and includes worksheets so that I can work at my own pace and update the info as my blog's needs change. One of the biggest advantages, though, is being able to ask Kate questions via the private Facebook page and on the SBB eCourse website. Her willingness to share her knowledge with course members is fantastic. I've learnt so much from the course already and we're only half way through."

    Caroline Holidays To Europe (www.holidaystoeurope.com.au)
  • After blogging for 3 years, this course was the kick in the ass I needed. It opened my eyes to how SEO works and not only that but also enabled me to monetise my blog and actually make my blog pay for itself.  Before SBB I was just about covering costs but now I'm actually making a profit.

    Niamh Love Niamh (http://www.loveniamh.com/)
  • While it does have a lot of tips, ticks and worksheets that get everything from your SEO to your media kit sorted, the resource I used the most was the real life examples from founder, Kate. In a move I‘ve never seen before Kate literally spills everything  including stats, income, failures, successes from her 7 years of blogging that saw her grow her blog from 0 to 180 000 monthly readers, which now takes in a multiple six figure revenue. I could literally compare her journey with my own, and see with a few more tweaks, I could reach that level as well. Talk about inspiring!

    Serena Pretty Fluffy (www.prettyfluffy.com)
  • I knew I was ready to take my blog to the next level, but was not sure how to do it. SBB changed my approach and way of thinking. They really pushed me to re-examine my blog and I quickly saw what was working and what wasn't. In addition, I suddenly found myself in the company of other fantastic bloggers that I could learn with and from.  Additionally, I was able to complete all the modules on my own time.  All in all, this course is a must for anyone looking for a clear direction and some guidance.

    Caroline Style On The Side (www.styleontheside.com)
  • I found a lot more practical things I could actually implement than other courses I have done. I really appreciated the Media Kit template and it inspired me to finally get around to creating one! I also found the pricing section really useful too. All in all despite having had my blog for a couple of years there was plenty that I learnt.   My readers have grown consistently over the last few months because I am being more efficient and spending time on what gets results.

    Maria Looking Stylish (www.lookingstylish.co.uk)

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