How weekly blogging made me a millionaire - Denise Duffield-Thomas

It's the dream right?

To start a blog (on something you are crazy passionate about), to have that blog grow steadily, and then maybe in a year or two you can quit your job because your blog now makes way more than your day-job ever did (and it's way more fun too).How blogging made me a millionaire -

But why stop there?  What if a few more years down the track that blog is now earning you literally millions of dollars, still while doing what you love. How awesome would that be??

But it's just a dream right, it can't really happen?

Ah... actually it can.

It's exactly what happened to my lovely friend and (unofficial) mentor Denise Duffield-Thomas from

And all without any crazy tricks or strategies, or even any kind of advertising budget (not at first anyway).

You see when Denise started her blog (which was her fourth attempt at blogging btw!), she made the decision to be consistent.

One blog post a  week, no matter what.

And wow, did it pay off!

Well that and also some consistent hustle, trial& error, a dash of coaching and training, and of course also focusing on discovering and eliminating (one-by-one), those annoying little BS stories (or Money Blocks) we all tell ourselves that stop us from being truly successful.

Things like;

"Making money is hard work"

SBBpost-quote_1810"You can't be rich, and do something fun and creative"

"I'm not good enough / smart enough / original enough / pretty enough  (etc..) to be a success"

"I'm no good with money, no matter how much I earn it's never enough"

"The only jobs that pay well are the soul-sucking, boring ones!" 

Any of those sound familiar?

I know they did for me!

And I also know just how powerful it can be to clear those blocks out (after I worked with Denise for the first time, almost three years ago now, was when my business really started to boom financially!)

So  if you'd love to know more about how Denise has built up a million dollar blog, what she has coming up next, and how you can clear some of those BS money stories of your own, then click play now and join our chat!





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  • Janine

    Hi Kate,
    Really loved reading this post and watching the video chat between yourself and Denise, I was scribblying away madly to put some things into action for my new blog.
    Love your work.

  • Katie

    So many “aha moments” in this interview! I am definitely going to make it a goal to blog weekly and I also loved the tip about not needing to be a guru (not that I ever considered myself a guru, but I do worry sometimes that my posts are not all things to all people, so that is a good mindset). Thanks!

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