How to hold yourself accountable (when you work for yourself!)

Does this sound for yourself

Its a Monday.

You're feeling super organised.

You've mapped out what you need to do, and when, and you're all on track.

But then what happens?

Life does.

Something takes longer than you think.

Or something comes up.

Or you just lose steam half-way.

And then suddenly it's the NEXT week and you are copying over all your to-dos from last week (again).

Then rinse and repeat.

Seriously, does that sound familiar?

I know I have been guilty of this myself (especially with things I am not super excited about doing!)

But while it's totally OK that life happens, and you can't beat yourself up too much when it does.

sometimes you also know that you just have to make shit happen to be able to move forward.

But how do you do that?

How do you really make sure that you absolutely HAVE to get your to-dos done, no matter what?

Well, I have a super simple but effective strategy for this.

So just hit play now and find out what it is.

And if you have any gold-nugget tips for other ways you can keep yourself on track, post them below (I'd love to hear!) 

How do you hold yourself accountable -when you work for yourself!

Hey guys.

Welcome back to Blog Tip Tuesday. I'm Kate McKibbin from Secret Bloggers Business. This is the place to be for more hints, tips and tricks for a better blog.

Now, this week I've got another awesome tip for how to get motivated, how to actually make yourself accountable and how to get stuff done. Particularly if it's a bigger project, or something that you've been procrastinating on.

For me, it's things like batching. That's something I know is super important, but that' I'll always push back because you kind of feel like you can. Oh, I can just do this week's one and then next week's one, and then I'll batch it. Then, eventually, months and months have passed and you still haven't done it.

Or maybe you're wanting to create a product, or write a book. Something bigger, meatier, but again, you just can't seem to make it fit in because everything else is always too busy. There's a really good way to make sure that you get it done when you want to get it done by.

That is by setting an unmissable deadline. By unmissable, it depends on what it is you're doing and what's going to work for you. It could be something like me, right now, I'm in an Airbnb filming this video because, unfortunately, my own apartment is a bit too dark. When I said, "Hey I want to batch up a bunch of videos, do a bunch of my content all at once, so I'm going to book an Airbnb in two weeks time." You betcha I have to get hustling, have to make sure I got organised and had everything ready to be able to do that because, otherwise, I was going to waste a whole bunch of money. Maybe you don't need to go and book an Airbnb.

Maybe you just need to book a babysitter, free up some free time. Maybe you need to publish an announcement and say, "Hey, this book is going to be ready on this date and I'm going to be giving it to people, or have it available for sale," something like that. Just give yourself an unmissable deadline and watch how hard you hustle to make sure you meet it.

That's my tip for you guys this week. Unmissable deadlines, tell me if you've done them yourself. I'd love to hear about it in the comments below. Maybe you've had a bit of a mishap with unmissable deadline. I'd love to hear about that as well. Usually they go pretty well though!

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